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About Hearing Balance Cape Town

Comprehensive audiological and vestibular service

Liezel Kotze, a leader in the field of audiology, founded Liezel Kotze Inc. audiology and speech therapy in the Western Cape over 22 years ago. She extended the service and founded Hearing Balance Cape Town and Cape Hearing Implants (CHi) in Cape Town.

Hearing Balance Cape Town aims to improve the quality of life of all our clients. It is that simple. Whether the challenge is hearing loss, balance problems, tinnitus, vertigo, disequilibrium, facial nerve disorders or ear problems, we can help.

All our audiologists have at least four years of University Qualification in audiology and speech therapy and at least ten years of work experience. We thrive and respect the fact that experience is of pivotal importance; thus, therefore only employ professionals with more than ten years of experience and up-to-date additional knowledge in the field. We do mandatory up to date additional training on services and products.

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Hearing & Balance Specialists - audiologists and vestibular service
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Our Services

Diagnostic Hearing Tests

Screening tests and comprehensive diagnostic hearing assessments

Newborn Hearing Screening

For the early detection of hearing loss in newborn babies

Dizziness and Balance Problems

Dizziness, vertigo and balance problems are common complaints

Hearing Aids and Listening Devices

We evaluate and provide a variety of hearing aids of different companies

Implantable Hearing Solutions

Our practice specialises in implantable hearing solutions

Cochlear Implants

Cochlear implantation is an option for patients with profound hearing loss


We offer a comprehensive service for patients with tinnitus

Industrial Hearing

Industrial noise exposure is a leading cause for hearing loss

Hearing Protection

Recreational-, social- and sport noise exposure may lead to hearing loss

Swimming Ear Plugs

We supply custom made swimming plugs for all ages

Auditory Processing

We offer assessment and rehabilitation for Auditory Processing

Speech and Language Therapy

Assessment and treatment of speech disorders and language delay

Mime Therapy

A form of facial rehabilitation that aims to improve facial symmetry

Hearing Aid Repairs

Hearing aid accessories, hearing aid maintenance and repairs

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