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Hearing Balance Cape Town

Our practice follows a comprehensive approach to patient care. Our decisions are based on expressed patient needs, considering all personal and environmental factors, and the evidence in our professional literature for best practice.

We are professionally, ethically and personally committed to providing excellent care in a timely and caring manner to all patients and their significant others who seek our help.

The audiologists in practice are an excellent professional resource for providing all of the services that persons with hearing impairment need and seek: screening, comprehensive diagnostic evaluations, hearing aid selection and fitting, implantable hearing solution evaluations, follow-up with aural rehabilitation, and tinnitus management.

Everyone at Liezel Kotze Inc recognises and appreciates the importance of our referral network. We strive to build up and maintain trusting relationships with everyone by issuing timely, concise and accurate reports, by keeping an active partnership between any referral sources and their patients, and by involving the significant others of our patients in the clinical decision-making process.

We subscribe to the Patient’s Bill of Rights promoted by the Health Professions Council of SA.

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